ZSFloor Court Tile

50+ product patents make ZSFloor a competitive sports floor manufacturer. Elastic Cushions decompose surface pressure and the ball rebound well. ZSFloor provides customization from products to services to meet the needs of various commercial projects.

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ZSFloor Products Advantages

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Benefits of ZSFloor Court Tile

  • Warranty: 10+ years
    Lifetime: 15+ years
  • Complete Solution
    We DIY it, make it, customize it, ship it, You enjoy it.
  • Good Anti-slip Performance
    Surface texture treatment.
  • Elastic Cushions: Protect Joints
    Evenly decompose the surface pressure and reduce the damage of the reaction force to the leg joints.
  • Cheap Price: 0.9-2.5$/sq ft
    Manufacturer Price.
  • Custom LOGO
    ZSFloor provides customized LOGO and more.
  • Ball Rebound Well
    ZSFloor Ball Bounce Rate:95%; FIBA Standards: ≥90%
  • SG.TOOL: Anti-displacement
    Windproof, anti-theft and anti-displacement.

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Indoor Sports Flooring


Elastic Mat

  • No Rubber Ground Mat Requirements
  • Good Shock Absorption
  • Fire Resistance Options Available
  • Good Ball Bounce Rate

Outdoor Sports Flooring


Elite X

  • Extremely Slip Resistance
  • Extremely Shock Absorption
  • 15 Years Warranty
  • Super Bearing Capacity


Elastic Pro

  • Good Slip Resistance
  • Good Shock Absorption
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • Good Grip Performance


Elastic Grid Unity

  • Expanding and Shrinking Energy Offset Design
  • Good Slip Resistance
  • Good Shock Abruption
  • Anti-displacement Design


Super Soft

  • Elastic Surface
  • Super Slip Resistance
  • Antibacterial Options
  • Expanding and Shrinking Energy Offset Design

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