How to Build

With the help of ZSFloor, DIY Tennis Court is like a puzzle, like 1, 2, 3...

Level the ground and establish a concrete base picture

Level the ground and establish a concrete base

If the ground is not level, you must level it.

  • Dig the site to a depth of 8 inches (20 cm).
  • Add a 4 inch (10 cm) thick layer of compacted gravel.
  • Gravel helps level the ground and allows water to drain from under the floor, so it is less likely to be damaged.

  • Build concrete/asphalt base: recommended concrete (100mm thick/25MPA/rebar).

Measure the size of the site

Measure the length and width of the court to facilitate the design of the field and the drawing of lines.

Measure the size of the site picture
tennis court drawing

Design your tennis court

Look for a designer, design the line drawing position of the court according to the size of the court and design your own LOGO, you can put the LOGO in the restricted area and other places. Then make drawings of the tennis court.

Note: If you use ZSFloor tennis court floor, ZSFloor designers will design your court and make drawings with you according to your court size for FREE.


Install the tennis court floor

If you plan to use the concrete floor directly as the surface of the basketball court, you can skip this step.

When installing the basketball court floor, you need to buckle them together one by one in order, and then you are done. ZSFloor provides floor installation instructions, only need to install according to the drawing and floor number, it is as simple as a puzzle.

At present, more people will use the interlocking floor to lay on the surface of the basketball court. The interlocking floor not only beautifies your basketball court but also protects muscles from straining during exercise. More about the introduction of the interlocking basketball floor, we will explain in detail in the next issue.

Install the tennis court floor picture
Line drawing picture

Line drawing

First draw the game line using masking tape according to the drawing, and then spray paint or use a brush to draw the game line. Generally, the effect of spray painting is more uniform and durable than painting.

Note: ZSFloor provides line drawing service, ZSFloor will pre-draw the line for the customer according to the drawing before delivery. This can reduce customer cost and time.


Install the tennis net

Install a suitable tennis net.

a finish tennis court picture

Finish and decoration

At this point, the tennis court is complete. You can decorate him more.


Let’s DIY Your Dream Court!

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Design Your Court

Design your own court in advance, check the effect, and send it to ZSFloor for suggestions and quotations.

sketchbook open to page with court design drawing

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