Outdoor Tennis Court Tiles: Elastic Grid Unity

  • Double-layer Surface
  • Fit to the ground
  • 32 Elastic Cushions
  • Consistent Ball Rebound
  • Anti-abrasion
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Non-slip
  • Safety Protection
  • Measurement:305*305*14.5mm
  • Weight:320g(±10g)

Quick-drying Design

Equipped with drainage holes, water flows out from the holes to quickly dry the surface.
Play anytime.

Double Structure Surface

Suitable for small ball sports such as tennis. Provide consistent ball rebound.

Elastic Joints

The elastic connection between the floors prevents the displacement of the floor caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

ZSFloor Products Advantages

ZSFLOOR-Sports-Flooring-Elastic-Cushions ZSFLOOR-Sports-Flooring-SG.TOOL


Color Options

14 Standard Colors and Customized Colors

Download Color Options

Knight-Black-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity Graphite-Grey-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity Wind-Grey-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity China-Red-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity Orange-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity Purple-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity Brazil-Blue-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity Grass-Green-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity Apple-Green-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity Ink-Green-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity Lemon-Yellow-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity Cherry-Red-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity Sky-Blue-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity White-Color-Elastic-Grid-Unity

Sky Blue

Brazil Blue

Ink Green

Apple Green

Grass Green

China Red

Cherry Red

Lemon Yellow



Graphite Grey

Wind Grey

Knight Black


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