Indoor Sports Flooring: Elastic Mat

  • Elastic Cushions
  • Texture Design
  • Shock Absorption Design
  • Non-slip
  • 14 Color Options
  • Fire Resistance Options
  • Custom Color
  • Level Ground
  • Measurement:306.5*306.5*14.5mm
  • Weight:460g(±10g)

Noise Minimising

Because of ZSFloor's patented technology, we can reduce the noise by more than 30% compared to concrete/asphalt courts.

High-strength Structure

Gain the tiles' weight,improve the court adhesion on the playground.ZSFloor provides indoor flooring with two thicknesses of 14.5 and 19.6mm, Contact Us to learn more.

Non-slip Surface

Easier to clean and provide better friction performance for indoor sports.
ZSFloor's Product Price: 0.9-2.5$/sq ft.

ZSFloor Products Advantages

ZSFLOOR-Sports-Flooring-Elastic-Cushions ZSFLOOR-Sports-Flooring-SG.TOOL

Elastic Mat

Color Options

14 Standard Colors and Customized Colors

Download Color Options

Knight-Black-Color-Elastic-Mat Graphite-Grey-Color-Elastic-Mat Wind-Grey-Color-Elastic-Mat China-Red-Color-Elastic-Mat Orange-Color-Elastic-Mat Purple-Color-Elastic-Mat Brazil-Blue-Color-Elastic-Mat Grass-Green-Color-Elastic-Mat Apple-Green-Color-Elastic-Mat Ink-Green-Color-Elastic-Mat Lemon-Yellow-Color-Elastic-Mat Cherry-Red-Color-Elastic-Mat Sky-Blue-Color-Elastic-Mat White-Color-Elastic-Mat

Sky Blue

Brazil Blue

Ink Green

Apple Green

Grass Green

China Red

Cherry Red

Lemon Yellow



Graphite Grey

Wind Grey

Knight Black


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