Innovative High-end Sports Flooring: Elite X

  • Ball Bounce Rate:≥96%
  • Consistent Rebound
  • Slip Friction Coefficient:0.7
  • Texture: Non-slip
  • Shock Absorption Design
  • Anti-displacement
  • Energy-absorbing Structure
  • All Weather Use
  • Measurement:304.8*304.8*19mm
  • Weight:450g(±10g)

Third-Gen. SG TOOL

Self-developed product patents. Anti-wind, anti-theft & anti-displacement technology.
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Elastic Cushions

A new generation of elastic cushions, Nike water ripples design. Have good shock absorption function while increasing the friction with the ground.

Strengthended Supporting System

Have the characteristics of professional sports wooden flooring, and reduce the vertical deformation of the floor to ensure the strength and load-bearing ability of the product.

ZSFloor Products Advantages

ZSFLOOR-Sports-Flooring-Elastic-Cushions ZSFLOOR-Sports-Flooring-SG.TOOL


Color Options

14 Standard Colors and Customized Colors

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Knight-Black-Color-Elite-X Graphite-Grey-Color-Elite-X Wind-Grey-Color-Elite-X China-Red-Color-Elite-X Orange-Color-Elite-X Purple-Color-Elite-X Brazil-Blue-Color-Elite-X Grass-Green-Color-Elite-X Apple-Green-Color-Elite-X Ink-Green-Color-Elite-X Lemon-Yellow-Color-Elite-X Cherry-Red-Color-Elite-X Sky-Blue-Color-Elite-X White-Color-Elite-X

Sky Blue

Brazil Blue

Ink Green

Apple Green

Grass Green

China Red

Cherry Red

Lemon Yellow



Graphite Grey

Wind Grey

Knight Black


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