ZSFLOOR® Basketball Court Builder


How To Install A Basketball Court

basketball court drawing

1. Regardless of the size of the site, according to the drawings, first install 1-1 from the lower left corner.

direction of tiles

2. Note the orientation of the tiles, this will run through the entire court. Please keep each tile installed in this orientation. If installing side strips, leave only 80mm of clearance to the left and below of 1-1. Edges are usually applied last.

basketball tiles box

3. Please note on the Boxes they are all marked numbers 1, 2, 3... Starting at Box 1:
Please start from the lower left corner of above drawing, and please follow the direction of tiles.
Arrows as per above photo. Left to right – Like a typewriter. If you have purchased a ZSFLOOR tile.

ZSFLOOR basketball tiles edges

4. Installing the edges:

This is normally recommended to be installed last after the court has been fully laid out. Please allow 80mm clearance around perimeter. There are Female and Male tabs that connect with the tile. The court also comes with Corner edge pieces also.

use sg.tool to anchor-down-tiles

5. Use SG.TOOL to anchor down tiles: Windproof, anti-theft, anti-displacement.

Step 1: Remove cap

Step 2: Once court is in correct position and all the tabs are lifted off you are ready to pre-drill into the concrete. In the center of the tile using an 8mm masonry drill, drill into the concrete at a depth that will allow the anchor to be installed.

Step 3: Place in anchor lug into the concrete or if you are using EliteX tiles you will simply place anchor through washer and directly into the concrete. Please note the Anchor consists of a washer and anchor.

You can also download our Installation introduction or contact us to get help.

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