ZSFloor Team

We have a young team full of vigor, passion and courage to struggle. The average age is 29 years old, and all the office staff have full-time undergraduate degree or above. Our research and development of materials, production management and marketing are all graduate and undergraduate students from Sichuan University. In particular, the posts of material research and development are postgraduate students from the Polymer Science and Engineering College of Sichuan University, product design posts are product engineers from FAW Volkswagen, automation process posts are automation engineers from Jeep Science and Technology, and so on.


ZSFloor Culture

Never say "impossible" to yourself nor set limits on your life.
Do small things well before doing big.
Excellence is a habit. Excellent people must be able to control their emotions.
Mutual assistance, mutual resistance, advance and retreat.

  • ZSFloor DNA:Pioneering, innovative and progressive.
  • Team Character:Young and full of energy. Help each others and strive for excellence.
  • Mission Vision:Develop superior sports flooring so that people are more willing to exercise on it.

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