3 Types of Tests


Tensile Property Test

Electronic Universal Material Testing Machine put different materials on the tensile testing machine, the maximum tensile strength is 23 Mpa, and finally select the best group of tensile properties.


Bending Performance Test

The bending tests of different materials were carried out respectively, and the same force was applied to make the specimen bend 180 degrees. Finally, the group with the best bending performance was selected.


Artificial Aging Test

In the test box, after three months of xenon lamp irradiation, the durability of the material experienced the most severe environmental adaptability challenges, and finally selected the best data set.

Pass Product Certification








ZSFloor R&D Team

Our R&D team are mainly masters graduated from Polymer Science and Engineering Institute of Sichuan University. Specializing in the research of structuring, alloying, functionalization and high performing of plastic, ZSFloor R&D team published various thesis in both domestic and overseas journal. We have successfully applied practical and appearance design patents and EAS system patents so far.



Under the guidance of advanced production R&D team, our PD continuously promotes the automation construction and improvement of production, successfully introduces automation pipeline, and realizes full automation injection production line. At present, we have large-scale injection moulding machines, mixer and powder machine and other production machines. At the same time, we are equipped with comprehensive gear tester, hardness tester, rubber tester, cantilever impact tester, electronic universal material test and other testing equipment. The production capacity of conventional products can meet the market demand to the greatest extent.