Kids Sports Flooring: Super Soft

  • TPE Material
  • Elastic Soft Surface
  • 2 SG.TOOL
  • Wearproof
  • Matte texture
  • Non-slip
  • Customized service
  • Round Corner Protection
  • Measurement:305.8*305.8*15.5mm(±2mm)
  • Weight:440g(±10g)

Elastic Soft Surface

2mm thick softer and elastic TPE materials, more protective, better slip-resistance.
Prevent falls and bruises.

Unique Design

Equipped with Self-developed 2nd Gen.SG.TOOL, Elastic Cushions & Elastic connection between the floors.


Soft surface design, Super Soft is mainly used in kids playgrounds and some sports courts that need to save the ball, for example, volleyball courts. Avoid bruising.

ZSFloor Products Advantages

ZSFLOOR-Sports-Flooring-Elastic-Cushions ZSFLOOR-Sports-Flooring-SG.TOOL


Color Options

14 Standard Colors and Customized Colors

Download Color Options

Knight-Black-Color-Super-Soft Graphite-Grey-Color-Super-Soft Wind-Grey-Color-Super-Soft China-Red-Color-Super-Soft Orange-Color-Super-Soft Purple-Color-Super-Soft Brazil-Blue-Color-Super-Soft Grass-Green-Color-Super-Soft Apple-Green-Color-Super-Soft Ink-Green-Color-Super-Soft Lemon-Yellow-Color-Super-Soft Cherry-Red-Color-Super-Soft Sky-Blue-Color-Super-Soft White-Color-Super-Soft

Sky Blue

Brazil Blue

Ink Green

Apple Green

Grass Green

China Red

Cherry Red

Lemon Yellow



Graphite Grey

Wind Grey

Knight Black


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