ZSFloor Tennis Court Construction

If you use ZSFloor tennis court floor, use the Installation Instruction, the installation is as simple as a puzzle, and the maintenance cost is very low.

  • Building a concrete foundation
  • Measure the size of the site
  • Design drawings
  • ZSFloor pre-draw lines
  • Install the ZSFloor tennis court floor
  • Install tennis poles

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ZSFloor Products Advantages

ZSFLOOR-Sports-Flooring-Elastic-Cushions ZSFLOOR-Sports-Flooring-SG-TooL

Tennis Court Floor Options

All tennis floors are double-layered to ensure the ball rebounds well.

Benefits of ZSFloor Court Tile

  • Warranty: 10+ years
    Lifetime: 15+ years
  • Complete Solution
    We DIY it, make it, customize it, ship it, You enjoy it.
  • Good Anti-slip Performance
    Surface texture treatment.
  • Elastic Cushions: Protect Joints
    Evenly decompose the surface pressure and reduce the damage of the reaction force to the leg joints.
  • Cheap Price: 0.9-2.5$/sq ft
    Manufacturer Price.
  • Custom LOGO
    ZSFloor provides customized LOGO, such as Jordan, Black Mamba, etc.
  • Ball Rebound Well
    Double-Tier Surface, ZSFloor Ball Bounce Rate:95%;.
  • SG.TOOL: Anti-displacement
    Windproof, anti-theft and anti-displacement.

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Join Us

Become ZSFLOOR Dealer

ZSFloor provide our contract agents and disctributors professional supporting, we can support on the branding, maketing etc. More details, please contact us to discuss.

  • Dealer price
  • Support Brand Building
  • Help Maketing Building

Design Options


Design Your Own Court

Design or choose the most suitable drawing according to your court size, and then get the quote.


DIY Courts

Go to know make DIY court steps. Prepare your favorite logo, signature and color then tell us, ZSFloor will make free drawings for you.


Professional Design Assistance

Contact our designers and design your court together with the help of our designers.


Make it a Multi Court

Come and join in the construction of your backyard court. ZSFloor provides a variety of game lines and DIY LOGO options, work with us to realize your dream court.

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Pickleball
  • Shuffleboard
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Soccer/Futsal
  • Hockey
  • Roller Skating
  • Playground Games

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