Tennis Court Cost


Online Calculation of Tennis Court Cost

Enter the length(feet) and width(feet)'s number of your tennis court to get the price of using ZSFloor to build a basketball court.

Tennis Court Cost

ZSFloor interlocking tennis court flooring price is 8-22 US$ /square meter. The required price can be easily calculated according to the size of your court. And you can also Contact Us for quotations of different products.

The price of concrete base is determined by local conditions, and it is about 40-60 $/square meter in Europe and America.

Court Type Court Size ZSFloor Total Price
Per square meter sqm 8-22 $/sqm
Singles Tennis Court 196.65 m2 1573.2-4326.3 $
Doubles Tennis Court 260.87 m2 2086.96-5739.14 $

Other Cost

  • Design Drawings Cost.

    ZSFloor: We have professional designers to design and make drawings for you for Free.

  • Painting Lines Cost.

    ZSFloor: Before shipping, we will help customers to Rre-Painting, because the local marking painting price may be expensive and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

  • Installation Cost.

    ZSFloor: We will provide customers with Installation Instruction. After receiving the goods, customers only need to put them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Transportation Cost.

    ZSFloor: Contact Us and tell us yout address, and we will provide you with shipping prices.

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