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Uralla Central School Basketball Court

Basketball Court Drawing

1.First of all, we designed some drawings according to the size of the basketball court of Uralla Central School. The drawing contains size, color and number of floors of the basketball court. They choose brazil blue and sky blue color. They like special color, so we provided field with custom colors.

Basketball Logos
Basketball Lines

2.Then, before shipping, we provide them with a pre-painting line service. This includes school team’s logo, word, and game lines. They can not only play basketball on it but also play futsal on it.

Basketball Court Project Uralla Central School

3.When the school received the goods and installed it, you can see that the place is now full of life. Children love to play on it and have fun. Basketball is the game what kids love!

School Basketball Courts
Product:ZSFLOOR® Elite X basketball flooring, built for championships.

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